adidas SprintWeb 3/4 Capri Womens Running Tights ADIAJ5003 VGpr5YeepxlHoe

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adidas SprintWeb 3/4 Capri Womens Running Tights

The compression of these Women's lightweight 3/4 running tights helps prime and support leg muscles for speed and endurance.

The adidas Sprintweb 3/4 tights have built in climalite fabric that actively wicks sweat and excess moisture as it's produced. Once wicked the technology then transfers the excess moisture to the outer layers of the fabric where it can be easily evaporated, ensuring you stay cool, dry and comfortable.

Additionally, these lightweight moisture-wicking tights support your muscles while you run offering a performance-optimising medium-compression fabric. A hidden inner pocket offers a convenient storage space for any small items you may be carrying such as keys, while a drawcord on an elastic waistband provides adjustable comfort.

The adidas Group

Employing more than 55,000 people in over 160 countries, adidas produce more than 778 million product units every year. These numbers alone can easily suggest that the group is quite a complex organisation. adidas keep things simple, lean and fast.

They think you deserve the choice. adidas believes no one should be reduced to just one of many facets and talents. No matter whether you are an athlete looking for the best equipment, or a fashionista searching for the next trend, or both - they want to engage with you in a long-lasting relationship. The multi-brand strategy enables them to do just that because it allows them to tackle opportunities from several perspectives, as both a mass and a niche player, always providing distinct and relevant products. In this way, their brands and their sub-brands all keep their unique identity.

Manufacturer Code: ADIAJ5003

adidas SprintWeb 3/4 Capri Womens Running Tights ADIAJ5003 VGpr5YeepxlHoe